About Us

Akagoods is a collaborative and multidisciplinary design studio based in Barcelona. Dedicated to product design, brand strategy, and art direction, the studio crafts imaginative solutions for heritage brands, helping them revamp their iconic products for a more modern and appealing audience. 

Since 2021, Akagoods has specialized in shaping nostalgia, bringing vintage products closer to younger generations, and adding value and exclusivity to new collections.

By exploring both digital and physical mediums and tools, and conducting a methodical examination of the brand's historical archive, the studio creates distinctive aesthetics that align with the essence of the original designs, using top-quality materials and thorough attention to detail, not only reviving products that were technologically and culturally disruptive at the time but also creating a contemporary and remarkable experience around them. 

Akagoods is committed to celebrating and honoring the contributions of pioneering fashion that continue to provide excellence and inspiration today.




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