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Avia 830 OG Retro - Green/White

Avia 830 OG Retro - Green/White

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Originally designed in 1986, the AVIA 830 is a silhouette ahead of its time, merging contemporary elements with all the magic and shades of a retro one.
With a noticeably clean and sharp aesthetic, the 830 is a timeless classic that transports you to the ‘80s basketball scene. It pays tribute to its rich heritage and the players that defined that generation. Many NBA stars, including Robert Parish of the Boston Celtics and John Salley of the Detroit Pistons, have worn the AVIA 830 during the finals.
This AVIA 830 series have been crafted faithful to the original form and details, featuring the highest quality leather body for durability and a rubber outsole for traction based on the patented Cantilever System.
With a nylon shoe tongue and its traditional lacing system, the 830 has a perfectly balanced design between comfort and performance.
Now they are back in the limelight, but only in a limited release with 500 numbered pairs available, making it a true collector’s item.


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