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Avia 855 OG Retro - White Red

Avia 855 OG Retro - White Red

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When we think of the AVIA 855, our minds instantly conjure up images of Scottie Pippen during his rookie season with the legendary Chicago Bulls in 1987. Certain shoes are forever associated with a name and a defining moment, and the AVIA 855 is undoubtedly one of those iconic cases. Back when the future was still unwritten, Scottie chose the AVIA 855 to take his first step.

We are bringing back the AVIA 855 with all its details and in two different colorways. The original Chicago Bulls-inspired colorway, with white upper and red details, and a red AVIA logo on the side, and a black & white colorway. Our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to preserving the essence of the brand’s heritage has led us to recreate the AVIA 855 using the same materials and production techniques that made it iconic.


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