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Avia 880 OG Retro - White Gray

Avia 880 OG Retro - White Gray

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When the high-top AVIA 880 debuted in 1987, nobody anticipated it would become an instant icon not only on the basketball court but for a whole generation.
Now, the AVIA 880 returns with history and legacy on its back, and it brings all the essence of the aesthetics of an entire decade.
It is regarded as a unique silhouette, even in today's overcrowded sneaker market, and it is appreciated by any connoisseur who has a soft spot for the 80s.
The AVIA 880 is a true representation of the brand's ethos, as it has been meticulously crafted using the original materials and production methods. The classic midsole, constructed with a combination of EVA and rubber, is designed to provide optimal cushioning and support for the heel, elevating the overall comfort and style of the shoe. The upper is made from premium leather, ensuring durability, breathability and comfort along with its padded nylon tongue.
The shoe comes packaged in an exact replica of the original box, complete with original tags and stickers, to provide a truly authentic unboxing experience reminiscent of the 80s.
With an incredibly limited first release of only 1,000 pairs, this is a rare opportunity for vintage sneaker collectors and enthusiasts to own a piece of history, just as Basketball Hall of Fame member Robert Parish did during the 1988 Eastern Conference NBA finals.


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